Terms & Conditions

a. The Main Hall, Studio 1 and Studio 2 and the Reception Area (the “The Thanet Community Centre” or “The Thanet”) are available for the presentation of concerts and other branches of the performing arts as well as lectures, meetings, conventions and catered functions. The kitchen can also be made available for the hirer’s use.

b. These terms and conditions of hire represent the requirements of The Thanet.

c. The Thanet reserves the right to refuse any booking without justification for such refusal.

d. The Thanet does not warrant that the premises are suitable for the type of function being undertaken by the hirer.

e. The terms and conditions and charges contained herein may vary from time to time but any such variation shall not negate this agreement nor shall The Thanet be under any obligation to explain the reasons for any such changes.

f. We reserve the right to cancel the booking at anytime or refuse to open the centre if we find that: the Booking Form is incomplete, inaccurate or completed by a third party, the full fee and/or deposit has not been paid, the activities organised are other than stated, the event consists of activities which undermine The Thanet’s policies, pose health and safety risks, breach the terms and conditions of this agreement and/or are prejudicial to the general society.

a. Multiple parties, events, functions and shared bookings under a single hire are not permitted. The Thanet reserves the right to charge the hirer full costs if shared bookings appear on one hire agreement. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they do not permit third parties to share the premises together.

b. Except at the discretion of The Thanet, tentative bookings will be held for a maximum of five business days, after which time the hirer must submit a completed Booking Form and any deposit specified above to retain the booking.

c. The Thanet reserves the right to cancel or re-let any unconfirmed booking beyond this period.

d. Receipt of the signed Booking Form confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions.

e. Unless agreed otherwise in writing:
• month end invoices for regular bookings should be paid either in cash or bank transfer no less than two weeks from the invoice date;
• one-off bookings should be paid for in cash or cleared funds one week before the booking commences.
If the hirer fails to remit the fee by the payment deadline, The Thanet reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain any deposit.

a. Written notification is required in the event that the hirer seeks to cancel the booking.

b. If the booking is cancelled more than five days prior to the event date, all deposits and fees will be refunded minus 25% of any deposit as a cancellation fee. If the booking is cancelled five days or less prior, the cancellation fee shall consist of 50% of any deposit.

c. Except at the discretion of The Thanet, transfer of a confirmed booking to an alternate date will be considered as a separate booking and the hirer will remain liable for all charges due on the original booking.

d. In the event that The Thanet is unable to provide the room booked under this agreement because of circumstances outside of its control (e.g. flooding, fire, interruption of power supply or heating failure) all possible steps will be taken to provide an alternative room. If however it is impossible to accommodate the hirer The Thanet reserve the right either to offer an alternative booking, or cancel and refund all monies paid under this agreement. The hirer acknowledges that The Thanet will not be responsible for any losses financial or otherwise which the hirer may suffer as a result of cancellation in accordance with this clause.

a. The hirer is responsible for occupying and vacating the rooms within the times scheduled. If the function extends beyond the booking period, additional charges may apply at the discretion of The Thanet. Extension of the booking period is subject to availability.

b. The hirer must not exceed the hours of public entertainment which for the purposes of this agreement shall be from 9.00am to 9:00pm Monday to Saturday, and must ensure that patrons depart from the premises no later than 30 minutes after the event finishes without causing disturbance in the street.

c. The hirer must vacate the premises after the booking period and advise all guests to leave the vicinity of The Thanet.

d. Failure to vacate the premises and the local vicinity when instructed to do so by a representative of The Thanet will result in forfeit of the deposit. Additionally the police may be called to enforce the policy.

e. The hirer undertakes to make certain that no more than 200 persons shall be present in the Main Hall at the function for which it is booked. The maximum number of persons attending a function in the Studio 2 shall be no more than 20, in the Studio 1 no more than 40, and in the reception area, no more than 60.

a. The time required for setting up and/or closing up, including all cleaning must be included within the hiring period.

b. Furniture and fittings should not be moved unless permission has been granted by The Thanet staff prior to the function.

c. If any equipment belonging to The Thanet has been made available to the hirer for use, it should be cleaned and left as found or replaced in the correct storage compartment.

d. All technical set ups in the Main Hall must be supervised by a qualified technician.

e. The Thanet cannot guarantee sound levels and reserves the right to control sound levels at the function. Noise emanating from the Main Hall shall not exceed 40dB(A) as measured at 1metre from any external façade of any habitable dwelling between the hours the premises are open for public entertainment.

a. The hirer must advise The Thanet of any deliveries in advance and mark all deliveries with the name, date and venue of the function.

b. The Thanet does not have any additional storage facilities other than function spaces booked by the hirer. The booking period should include any time required for the storage of equipment.

c. All items belonging to the hirer must be removed at the end of the function. Any equipment or supplies left without prior arrangement will be deemed as abandoned and disposed of.

d. The Thanet will not accept any responsibility for the damage or loss of goods left on the premises prior to, during, or after the function.

7) Conduct

a. The hirer should familiarise themselves with the Thanet’s Fire Emergency Plan (which is displayed on notice boards and available on The Thanet’s website), the location of all fire extinguishing equipment and the location of fire exits either in advance of or at the start of the hire period. The hirer acknowledges that during the period of hire they are responsible for ensuring that all occupiers of the premises are aware of all fire and other safety rules applicable within The Thanet, including its Health & Safety and other policies and have been familiarised with the location of all fire exits and fire extinguishing equipment.

b. The hirer is required to conduct and manage the function in a proper, orderly and lawful manner.

c. The hirer shall not permit any act or matter which may injure the reputation of The Thanet, including nuisance to local residents.

d. The Thanet reserves the right to cease an event or remove any persons from the premises if their behaviour is considered inappropriate.

a. In the interest of public health, and in line with government regulations, The Thanet is a smoke free venue. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.

b. Drinking alcohol is prohibited. No alcohol may be bought or sold for consumption on or off the premises.
c. Drinking alcohol directly outside the premises is strictly prohibited.

d. The provision, supply or use of illicit substances in or around the premises or any breach of the above policy would result in immediate cancellation of the event and forfeit of the deposit and the hire fees.

a. A cleaning fee will apply if confetti, glitter or similar substances are left in any area of The Thanet.

b. The use of special effects, including smoke and dry ice machines, fireworks and live ammunition, are prohibited in all areas of The Thanet at all times.

c. Except with the prior approval of The Thanet, the use of candles and candelabra are prohibited. Consideration for use of candles will only be given to oil-filled candles and a maximum of two free-standing candelabra. The use of wax candles, of any kind, is not permitted.

d. If approval is given for oil filled candles to be used, the hirer must ensure that no flammable decorations or materials are placed next to the candles so as to create a fire hazard. Further, if any such decorations or materials are deemed unsafe by The Thanet staff for any reason whatsoever (including fire risk), they must be removed by the hirer, at the hirer’s expense.

e. No flammable liquids or other dangerous substances shall be brought onto the premises.

a. The use of The Thanet’s name or logo on any promotional material which directly or indirectly implies a partnership between The Thanet and the hirer will result in immediate cancellation of the function.

b. The position of any displays, posters or free-standing banners is permitted but must be approved by The Thanet. All displays must be removed immediately after the function.

c. The hirer is not allowed to conduct any trading activity on the premises without obtaining the approval of The Thanet.

a. The hirer will not affix or hang any object to any part of the building or to or from any therein without the prior consent of The Thanet.

b. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the building or property in the areas under hire, or damaged as a result of the event. In case of damage, the hirer undertakes to compensate The Thanet promptly upon request.

a. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that any areas hired are left in a clean and tidy condition.

b. Cleaning should be completed directly after the function. The hirer cannot clean up on the following day unless agreed by in advance by The Thanet.

c. All bottles, cans, food scraps and other rubbish should be put in sealed black bags and placed in the rubbish area to the rear of the building. Unused food or drink should be disposed and not left in the fridge.

d. The kitchen and toilets should be left in a clean and tidy state. All surfaces must be wiped clean and bins emptied. Any equipment should be cleaned and returned to their storage area.

e. Floors must be swept and cleared of any rubbish.

f. The hirer should provide cleaning products, dishcloths, tea towels, bin liners and a vacuum cleaner.

g. Failure to clean the premises to an appropriate standard will result in forfeit of the deposit.

A key will be issued to the hirer to allow them access to The Thanet for their event. This can be collected by arrangement with The Thanet, and will be provided in exchange for a £15 deposit. Users are responsible for ensuring that the building is left securely locked if they are the last to leave the premises.

a. The hirer is responsible for the insurance of all musical instruments, property and equipment for the hire period covered by this agreement.

b. If providing services to the public, the hirer shall effect and keep effected for the period of hire a policy of insurance against risks to the public.

c. The hirer must immediately notify The Thanet in writing of any occurrence or accident likely to give rise to a claim under their insurance policy. Thereafter the hirer will give all information and assistance as may be reasonably practicable, and where required, give to The Thanet a statutory declaration as to any matters connected with such occurrence or accident.

d. A copy of our Hirer’s Liability Summary of Cover is available on request or can be viewed on our website www.thethanet.com.

a. The hirer is solely responsible for the well being and safety of users and occupiers of the premises hired out under the terms of this agreement and will indemnify The Thanet for all loss and damage and personal injury arising from and during such use by the hirer howsoever caused.

b. The signatory above shall be the person responsible for such indemnity provided for in paragraph a above and both in his/her personal capacity and on behalf of the organisation he/she represents.

c. The hirer indemnifies The Thanet and its staff against any liability, loss or claim arising under any statute or at common law in respect of injury, loss or damage to property, or in respect of personal injury to, or death of, any person arising out of or in connection with the function.

The Thanet Youth and Community Centre Limited, company Limited by Guarantee (England & Wales)
Malden Hall, Herbert Street London NW5 4HD
Registration No 5579516 Registered Charity No 1111955