BlingYaBike at The Thanet 2014

Bling Ya Bike at The Thanet!

In June and July of 2014 a group of 9-14 year old boys and girls took part in an 8 week recycling project where they learnt basic bicycle repair and maintenance skills and transformed used bicycles.

The group leaned how to customise their bikes through their own creative designs, which were showcased in an exhibition at The Thanet at the end of the project.

Programme activities

  • Bicycle mechanical repairs: fix gears, bike chains, brakes etc.
  • Art work design: technical drawing, sketching, colouring.
  • Spray painting prep: cleaning and sanding down bikes.
  • Spray paint technique.
  • Basic bicycle maintenance.
  • Group discussions/brainstorming.
  • Exhibition and certificate presentation event.