The Thanet has been a great resource for the anonymous fellowships. Three different ones have held weekly meeting here. This is invaluable because our meetings literally save lives. We help society with this work because the fellowships’ role in turning lives round is unparalleled.

The Thanet as an organisation has always been very keen to maintain our presence in the building, they are obliging, easy to get hold of and let us set our own donation. The building itself very much suits our needs. It is a large space with several smaller rooms; it has a kitchen that is roomy to say the least and enough toilets for all and is heated. It is because of all these facts that we have held conferences here several times.

Cocaine Users Anonymous

The use of the rehearsal space at The Thanet has been a key factor in my development as a writer and performer. I have been able to develop and rehearse performances for London theatres and the Edinburgh Festival, in fact over a period of ten years, nearly all the shows I've written have been rehearsed at The Thanet. In 2006, The Thanet agreed to let a group of theatre practitioners use the space on a Sunday afternoon, in return for a donation. We called ourselves The Crescent Theatre Workshop - we went on to create several plays, and forge many working relationships; we are still creating work together, last year we had a film in the London independent film festival and our latest film collaboration, rehearsed at The Thanet, will be coming out soon.

Over my time at The Thanet I have used the space there for research and development workshops, fundraisers, auditions, swing dance rehearsals, script meetings, play rehearsals and used it as a location to film comedy sketches!

For a decade I also ran Saturday morning drama classes at The Thanet, which were free for local children to attend. When at The Thanet, I have always felt part of, supported by, and useful to the local community.

Roisin Rae
Founder of Crescent theatre Workshop
joint director at Prams In The Hall Theatre Company

I've been teaching Aikido in various venues, private, council and charity based. The Thanet is by far the most supportive organisation for a community based project where profit is not the priority.

The variety of groups using the facilities - spanning arts, sports, therapy and spiritual groups - creates a unique atmosphere of tolerance, cooperation and respect, which gives all groups the freedom to develop and grow. The volunteers behind The Thanet work hard to cultivate a sense of ownership and responsibility in everyone who enjoys this wonderful place.

Paul Stephens
Yoshinkan Aikido