Thanet Ethos

The Thanet Youth and Community Centre has been in existence for almost seventy years. The financial resources available to us have been very modest and we would not have survived without the voluntary work put in by so many, simply to keep the building’s infrastructure intact. The Thanet exists primarily to serve its local community, but also to provide facilities at a very reasonable cost for a variety of users from outside the immediate area. The Thanet is a community of kindred spirits who seek to allow diverse individuals and groups to use its premises. We wish to encourage that sentiment in all those who use the facilities, including those who have joined us recently. If all who are associated with us make this commitment, our future is assured.

With this in mind we would be grateful if you would respect the spirit of our centre by observing the following:

  • Users are welcome to make full use of the kitchen but please could you: use the appropriate bins when disposing of rubbish, put cups and cutlery in the dishwasher and keep the sink area clean and tidy.
  • When you have finished using your room, please ensure all lights are turned off and thermostats for heating are turned down.
  • If you take a piece of furniture to use, please put it back where you found it afterwards.
  • Ensure that the front door is properly locked when you leave and if you are the last to leave the building please turn all the lights off.
  • If the fire alarm sounds, please follow the guidance on the alarm box in the entrance area.
  • Please make sure the fire door at the back is kept closed at all times.