Complaints Policy

The Thanet Youth and Community Centre (The Thanet) is committed to providing the best possible service to our service users, the community and with individuals with whom we work. We acknowledge, however, that on certain occasions service users, partners, learners, and volunteers may not be satisfied with the quality of service or conduct of staff. The Thanet complaints policy exists to make it easier for our service users, partners, and learners to make a complaint. The Thanet will aim to treat all complaints with respect and consideration throughout the complaints process.

When can I complain?


  • If you believe you have been treated unfairly on the grounds of sex (including gender reassignment), marital or parental status, race, ethnicity, nation, colour, disability, sexual orientation, religious belief or age (see Diversity and Equalities Policy).
  • If you feel we have failed to provide a key service.
    • In relation to learning programmes.
    • In relation to a decision made by The Thanet.
  • If you have experienced a significant delay in receiving a service.
  • If our staff and/or volunteers have been rude or unhelpful.
  • If you disagree with a decision we have made or a policy we operate.
  • If you or your child feels that they have experienced bullying and it has not been addressed to your satisfaction

There are two (2) forms of complaint that you can make: these are:

  • Informal
    You can make an informal complaint to any member of staff or trustee. Any member of staff will be happy to inform you of the appropriate person to speak to. The Director responsible for complaints is Mike Faulkner, who can be contacted on 07546532090 or at You can make this complaint in person, by telephone or e-mail.

    Our aim is to:

    • Listen to your complaint.
    • Apologise where necessary.
    • Agree a solution.
  • Formal
    You can make a formal complaint at any time and you do not have to make an informal complaint initially. The process for making a formal complaint will be the following stages:

    • Fill in your Complaint Form (please see below).
    • We will provide our initial response within 2/3 weeks (except at holiday times).
    • You have the right to appeal this decision by writing to the Chair of The Thanet.



Stage One
Make an informal complaint and receive a response
Make a formal complaint by filling the Complaint Form
Stage Two
Receive a written response within 2/3 weeks
Stage Three
Appeal any decision by writing to the Board of Directors

Complaint Form

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What happens next?

We will:

  • Send you an acknowledgement within 2 working days of receiving this form;
  • Tell you who is looking into your complaint;
  • Send you a full reply within the time set (2/3 weeks).